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The Complete ACL rehab Journey is a course taught by James Phillips and Andrew Goodall. They are a team of Strength and conditioning coach and physio who work together to rehabilitate many ACL patients per year and have expertise in getting complex patients back to their chosen sport. 

James and Andrew have teamed up to produce a course designed to improve clinical outcomes with your ACL patients from your next day in clinic. We have been discussing and planning this course for a long time but now it is here and we are super excited to deliver it.

We believe this course will give all attendees an excellent grounding in the whole process through two professionals lenses. It is highly practical with a focus on meeting criteria, goal driven rehab, case discussions based on real cases we see together and will deliver tips and tricks to boot.

If this sounds like something that interests you then you have landed in the right place. 

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Yes definitely. It is very clear and a step by step guide to how to manage this injury. It also raises the standards of how we should all be managing this injury/post-op. It gave me more confidence by confirming the things I already do and also giving me lots more ideas and suggestions for improved practice.


Yes definitely, the content was exceptional and so useful for anyone involved in rehab, not just for ACL but how it can be applied to other injuries too. I found the way Andrew and James presented was very engaging and it was great for them to be so open to answer all questions thoroughly and taking the time to walk through BFR and NMES was very helpful too.


Yes, I have already spoken to my clinical lead about this course.
I feel as a physio, we’re just meant to know this (information) but unless you have this knowledge,
ACL rehab may not go so well, plus there is A LOT of information out there, it can be difficult to know
where to start. This course gives you everything and sign posts you to other useful


Yes, An extremely structured course. From assessment to suspected ACLs to end stage ACLR rehab.
No matter your previous clinical knowledge of the ACL, there is something to be learnt and improve
your clinical practice.


Most definitely, despite working with a number of ACL patients previously I believe this course has
given me so much greater knowledge and ideas around rehabbing the individual throughout the
rehabilitation. It has helped me to fine tune my reasoning and thinking in each of the phases for
example the reps and sets and the reasons why I am giving them at each stage e.g. the need to
calm down the knee vs hypertrophy vs power.


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